Tara Badr

Marketing and Events Director

Hi there; I'm Tara, and I'm a second year Management with Marketing student. As you can imagine, if I don't pull off this role too well, it's a bit of an embarrassment really. 


My main goal this academic year is to recruit and retain a whole range of people for Enactus Bath to help aid as many local- and even global- issues as we can possibly impact. There's some humanity in everyone, and I want to ensure through my role that people from all walks of life understand that they have the capacity to drive and support change within their communities. Enactus is for the people, and I want us to create and sustain connections with as many people as we can to ensure that Enactus is the most diverse, committed and loving family we can create! I'm so excited for what this year brings for Enactus.


E-mail: tb815@bath.ac.uk