Secretary & Operations Officer - Opening Semester 2


Role description of Secretary (Operations Executive) 

  • Book rooms and venues for meetings or training events or any sessions throughout the year (upon demand from different Project Leaders or Committee Members)

  • Keep a record of the minutes of each Advisory Board meeting & committee meeting & post on the appropriate Committee Channel to update all the committee members/project leaders of the discussed strategies 

  • Create & send emails to all our members & communicate upcoming Team Meetings, Training sessions or other Events 

  • Send emails to individuals who contact through the Enactus website and Enactus Facebook page

  • Coordinate with the Events manager to organise socials 


Role description of Operations side: 

  • keep in touch regularly with the departments within the society: marketing, recruitment, events etc & make sure that the “flow” & communication between these is consistent (e.g. if there is a social to be organized make sure that it is communicated in the right way & in time & on the right channels by the person in charge) 

  • Ask Events manager - about upcoming event & keep track of its implementation

  • Ask President of any upcoming socials, trainings, events etc and aid in its implementation

  • Identify any opportunities of collaborations for members with committee members

  • Make sure any news, new tasks to do, new projects are announced for the whole team on the main communication channel (Facebook, whatsapp etc.) 

  • Have regular meetings with Recruitment officer, Marketing Officer & events Manager to ensure that these elements of the society are working & functioning throughout the semester