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A project that aims to Reconnect students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with potential employers by improving their social skills and finding out what they are good at. The goal for Reconnect is to start a sustainable social enterprise that will empower and change the lives of people with Autism. The Reconnect team have already carried out an assessment centre training activity in collaboration with a career’s advisor, which resulted in six ASD students feeling more confident and knowing where to improve for when they attend a real assessment centre. 


Project Leader: Samuel Arnold

Project BathShare - NEW!

One of the key issues students of Bath are currently facing is housing. Rent prices are soaring and there is a great shortage of feasible buildings in the area not only for students but also for other Bath citizens.


Project BathShare aims to tackle this problem with a scheme successfully working in similar locations. In cooperation with the SU, we will match students unable to afford the normal rent price with elderly living alone in this area. students would be paying for their room at a reduced rate whilst helping the elderly with everyday tasks, along with offering their personal companionship.  A trial of the project will run through the next academic year.

Project Leader: Antonin Samal

Project E-mail: su-bathshare@groups.bath.ac.uk

Little Bag of Happiness (LBOH)

The Little Bag of Happiness stays true to its name. It's a small bag filled with homemade gifts designed to aid periods of stress and low morale through the academic year. It's been a success so far, we sold 78 bags in our first ever sale! This year, the LBOH team are looking to open an online store, expand into local markets and increase our project range, so keep your eyes peeled!

Project Leader: Valentin Salvatore

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