HR Officer - Opening Semester 2

Role description:
To initiate member recruitment. Monitor the progress of memberships and support the development of the members.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Recruitment Strategy : Develop a strategy for recruitment for both semesters to ensure that new Enactus Team members are a right "Fit" for the society.

  • Recruitment Strategy: Or maintain the strategy for recruitment which is already implemented.

If maintaining current strategy:

  1. Coordinate one-to-one meetings with new recruits.

  2. Update Excel spreadsheet with the new members and their preference of project.

  3. Allocate them to their project and ensure they pay their membership.

  4. Once membership is paid, add them to the Enactors FB chat.

  5. Get them up to date with each project - by communicated with each HR representative in each project.

  6. Welcome them to our meetings.


Key Recruitment Attribute:

  • develop a list of key attributes for the positions we are recruiting for.

  • Ensure very members is happy in their allocated projects. If problems occur find solutions.

  • Talk to project Leaders to nominate members for our Member of the Month campaign and choose one member/month according to their achievement.

  • Communicate with the Marketing officer to promote the Member of the Month on social media (Facebook and Instagram).

  • Ensure you are up to date with each project - communicate with project Leaders.

  • Work with the secretary to identify active/non-active members.

  • Recruit internal in February for the presentation team which represents Enactus Bath in the Enactus annual competition.

  • Talk to new recruits. Talk to students who are interested in joining later in the semester and haven't attended our information sessions - about what Enactus is and present them all the project at hand and advise them about which team to join, depending on each team's needs.

  • Seek our individual Topic Competitions promoted by Enactus UK an inform the team Leader whose project descriptions fits the criteria.